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Petersen Concierge Medical introduces precision heart monitoring with BardyDx

Dr Gust H Bardy founded Bardy Diagnostics to overcome challenges in ambulatory cardiac monitoring preempted by his wife’s needs. He developed the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor, which is accurate and provides rapid results of actionable events that speed up diagnosis and treatment. 

Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM) is a lightweight, extended-wear cardiac patch monitor that delivers quality reading, convenience, and comfort of wear. Results can be downloaded in the doctor’s office, expediting diagnosis and focus on treatment. 

Although not alone in cardiac ambulatory monitoring, Bardy Diagnostics created a robust platform and support network. This quality of service and the ability to download the data in the office make it a perfect prevention-centric and diagnostic tool.

Petersen Concierge Medical is incorporating this monitor into its prevention screening and diagnostic protocols. 

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