Missoula's Premier Concierge Medicine Practice

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A highly personalized approach to your medical care.

Petersen Concierge Medical takes the stress out of navigating the healthcare system and tailors our individualized approach to your goals, enabling you to lead a fulfilled and optimized lifestyle.

Why choose Petersen Concierge Medical?

As a member, you have time with your doctor dedicated to addressing your needs. We have a curated network of the finest medical professionals to support our members. We use cutting-edge diagnostics for early detection, prevention, and treatment of heart disease and cancer. 

We use a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to bring you the best in healthcare. We understand that your time is valuable. Convenience is vital for our clients as we strive to accommodate busy professionals and families. 

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Our well-rounded approach



We are a bespoke medical concierge focusing on your health and needs, providing crafted care based on cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics tailored to your unique goals. Next to health, time is your greatest asset. 

With direct access to your physician, you will receive convenient, discreet, and timely attention when needed. Core to Petersen Concierge Medical is the personal relationship with your physician, allowing for a deeper exploration of your health goals.



We offer bespoke care for you and your family. Our medical knowledge, flexibility, and extensive global experience allow us to provide exceptional care catered to you and your family. Whether your baby has an earache at night or an elderly parent needs extra care, we are there for your entire family. 



We don’t only treat medical conditions; we are committed to optimizing your future health. Our screening and testing programs help investigate the root cause of health problems and highlight potential future issues.

Guided by your doctor, we create tailored plans to maximize your physical and cognitive performance. We offer cutting-edge treatments to enhance every aspect of your productivity and baseline health while focusing on early diagnosis and detection of serious health conditions.


Wellness & Longevity

Alongside your medical care, our wellness services complement every aspect of your journey to optimal health and well-being. Supported by your physician, we provide tailored services to enhance your daily performance, improve your quality of life, and hone your health.