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Montana’s leading concierge providing exceptional medical care through highly personalized experience to individuals and families.

Concierge medicine has been featured nationally.

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“Dr. Petersen is providing services that Missoula and the surrounding areas desperately needed.”

Michelle H.


How we work

As a member, you have a personal doctor and a dedicated team on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your health is our priority whenever you need us.

We focus on prevention and daily vitality to keep your days full and nights restful. We provide personalized full-spectrum experiences and focus on all aspects of your health journey that will keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Access to same-day appointments with your provider.

Cutting-edge diagnostics to prevent and solve issues.

Expedited treatment for individuals and families.


A focus on wellness & longevity in Missoula as part of concierge medicine.

We believe wellness is integral to your health journey. We tailor evidence-based, preventative, holistic, and effective services to support your longevity and vitality goals. You want to enjoy every work day and every off day. Petersen Concierge Medical is there to help ensure your health concerns do not hinder your dreams.

Access to the best technology in healthcare.



Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates advanced cardiac imaging with comprehensive analysis, providing you with unparalleled insights into your cardiovascular health.
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Grail Cancer Screening

Grail Cancer Screening

Experience the power of cutting-edge technology combined with advanced cancer screening methods, revolutionizing the way we approach cancer prevention.
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Cleveland Heart Lab

Cleveland Heart Lab

By identifying potential risk factors early on, we can help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle and treatment options, reducing your risk of heart disease and related complications.


Our cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of proteomics to provide unparalleled insights into your health and well-being, allowing for targeted and effective interventions.

Individualized, unparalleled care.

Above all, we seek to provide our members with the best possible healthcare. We take time to understand our members’ health status and goals.

Because our practice is membership-based, we attend to patients’ needs directly without third-party interference or incentives.

Our small patient panel allows for time to coordinate individualized care for our clients, providing bespoke, unparalleled experiences. 

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