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Cardiometabolic Dx

Cardiac health and management of cardiac disease has been and remains a key focus in our healthcare, with more than 50% of all healthcare monies directed toward diagnosing and treating cardiac disease. With more and more investment directed toward innovation for disease management, mainstream science finally sees the emergence of high-end toolkits directed toward early diagnosis and front-end prevention.

We now have the ability to utilize innovative imaging, wearable, and laboratory testing technology to screen for early markers of cardiometabolic disease and focus on heart attack prevention, not only treatment. 

Calcium score, a quick and easy assessment of overall risk, can be a starting point for a screen of cardiac disease risk. We can delve deeper with a coronary CT scan that can identify the plaque within the coronary arteries and then overlay AI-powered software to qualify the plaque quality and risk for problems in the future. 

Cleveland Heart Labs and other reference laboratories allow physicians to delve deep into cardiometabolic health with inflammatory markers, genes, and metabolic analyses that stratify risk and identify early signs of cardiometabolic disease. For a rapid yet personalized approach, several tests on the market-driven through proteomic biomarkers allow for rapid screening and ongoing comparison of personal disease risk.

A CAM (continuous ambulatory monitor) patch monitor elevates the efficiency and quality of ambulatory rhythm monitoring that can be used preventatively due to its in-office download ability.  Numerous pocket-sized portable EKG devices allow heart rhythm recording and immediate relay to the physician. A wearable watch can continuously record vital signs for precise and informative monitoring. Some great examples are the BioBeat patch and watch, Aktiia wrist monitor, and Oura ring, among others. 

In addition, there are portable VO2 analyzers, whole body scanners, DEXA scanners, and movement platforms. These platforms powered by cutting-edge software tool kits compound and analyze data to provide myriad reports and assessments. 

When paired with medical acumen, personalized care, and intuitive clinical diagnoses, all of this technology can be exceptionally powerful tools to direct personalized, precise, and focused care aimed toward prevention, screening, and disease management. 

Petersen Concierge Medical, an individualized bespoke medical practice unencumbered by time limits and insurance-guided algorithms, caters to individual needs and harnesses powerful technology and innovation superimposed onto close doctor-patient relationships to provide remarkable and bespoke care.

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