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What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a direct relationship between the physician and the client, removing third-party interests or roadblocks. It is an unmatched personalized experience where focus is centered on you as a patient.

Our two greatest assets are health and time. Electing concierge medicine is directly supportive of those two invaluable and irreplicable assets.

Concierge Medicine works outside the traditional healthcare system, thus allowing the physician to focus on the person in front of them without outside pressures, thus concurrently removing the need for algorithmic diagnoses and quick answers. Suddenly, there is time to fully understand and know you, the person in front of the physician, your concerns, pressures, and stressors. There is the ability to innovate, bring cutting-edge therapies, and promote wellness and long-term vitality. There is an emphasis on prevention and early disease detection, accounting for individualized history, concerns, and risk factors.

Concierge Medicine also provides efficiency and convenience. Because of the limited clients each true concierge physician serves, there is always availability for last-minute scheduling changes, same-day visits, and after-hour phone calls. When your child has a fever on Saturday night, you can rest easy that just a phone call away, a doctor who knows you will answer the phone directly.

Concierge Medicine is the true quality of care. Because of the individualized focus on you as a client, there is no opportunity to address your personalized needs. Perhaps your family has unusual health risk factors, and early cancer detection must be considered, or your previous work experience caused some possible health hazards, or you are particularly worried about early cognitive decline. Concierge doctors have the time to get to know you, your worries, and your concerns and thus can address them in a personalized and efficient manner.

Concierge Medical Practice membership can ease your life’s stresses, recharge your health, address your concerns and needs, cater to your family’s schedule, and create meaningful and lasting relationships with your doctor. It is proper wrap-around bespoke healthcare for yourself and your family.

For the right individuals invested in their health, well-being, and daily performance – Concierge Medicine offers what no other healthcare alternative can—a personal physician who knows you.

Petersen Concierge Medical is Montana’s leading concierge, providing exceptional medical care through highly personalized experience to individuals and families. Please get in touch with us to sit down with our physician to discuss your health goals.

Invest in your health for a brighter future.

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