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The Power of AI to Predict Cardiovascular Disease

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Petersen Concierge Medical introduces Cleerly, an AI-enabled Coronary CTA analysis tool designed to predict heart disease before a heart attack occurs.

Heart disease stands as the leading cause of death in the USA, claiming approximately 695,000 lives annually. Remarkably, one in five deaths can be attributed to heart disease (New York State Department of Health). Historically, traditional predictor markers have been employed for risk assessment without individualized analysis. However, advancements in technology now provide tools for personalized risk assessment, scrutinizing intra-coronary artery plaque and inflammation—the primary causes of heart attacks.

One such groundbreaking tool is Cleerly. Harnessing AI, Cleerly utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze atherosclerosis (plaque) and stenosis (blockage) non-invasively, as depicted in standard CCTA studies. Rooted in 15 years of research, studying over 10 million images, these algorithms guide machine learning for accurate predictions.

To fully leverage the Cleerly Labs software, a CCTA (coronary computed tomography angiography) scan is required. This data is essential for analysis and can be acquired at a local imaging center, facilitated by a primary care physician or cardiologist.

Post-scan, the full images are loaded into the Cleerly Labs cloud directly from the CD. AI algorithms then create a detailed 3D model of the patient’s coronary arteries, including vessel walls and lumen. Subsequently, stenoses and plaque are identified, quantified, and qualified. This comprehensive evaluation yields actionable reports with plaque-burden and inflammation staging and comparison. Moreover, disease progression or regression can be tracked over time through repeat evaluations. The recently integrated ischemia feature highlights whether noted stenosis causes end-organ damage.

With its robust imagery, analysis, and detail, Cleerly software overlays a non-invasive CCTA scan, providing potent predictive insights to physicians and patients alike. Powered by AI, Cleerly identifies heart disease risk areas and forecasts disease progression to life-altering events like heart attacks.

Petersen Concierge Medical integrates Cleerly into its state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to detect, prevent, and treat diseases hindering optimal lifestyle and wellness. Regularly ordering coronary CTA for clients, the practice overlays AI-powered Cleerly software for personalized cardiovascular risk prediction and detection.

Expanding its reach, Petersen Concierge Medical now offers Cleerly to the public, catering specifically to the Western Montana region, including Missoula and surrounding areas like Bozeman. The practice facilitates CCTA scans, runs Cleerly scans, and schedules consultations for comprehensive result reviews. Reports are provided to patients and faxed to their doctors for follow-up care management.

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