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The Evolution of Concierge Medicine

Before the growth of insurance companies and the development of robust multi-tier and machinist-type healthcare systems, the discussion of health and illness remained fully encapsulated in the conversation between the doctor and the patient.  Over 90% of physicians were in private practice governing themselves and their treatments, with patients able to select a physician based on personal choice and views.

Most healthcare is governed through guidelines and insurance company streamlined metrics where your personal health is now part of the larger population health dynamic. Electronic Health records serve to promote efficiency in billing and downgrade your worries and concerns to tiers of checkboxes.  Algorithmic projections and calculations are used for rapid diagnoses and treatments. Over 80% of the physicians are employed by larger entities, no longer fully independent in their time or decisions. Insurance companies limit the patient selection of doctors.

After spending half of one’s formative years in constant study and determination, the lack of autonomy and ability to truly spend time and develop that key relationship with the patient has become antithetical to the physicians. With a regeneration of innovation and individual self-determination, the desire to rekindle private practice has finally arrived. Physicians are leaving the world of corporate employment and opening small private practices. Those who wish to serve their clients, get to know their patients unhurriedly, and immerse themselves in the most advanced innovations and cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments enter the space of Concierge Medicine.

Out of the mesh of fast-paced life and systematic solutions comes a growing demand for more time, more personalized attention, and the ability to sit still and really address what is needed. This created Concierge Medicine, a new brand of medicine that is personalized and individualized. It is private, physician-owned, directed, and catered to the patient.

Our lives are busier and faster and with much more pressure. Our jobs and careers powered by the digital age can be ever-present in our pockets all day and night. Our families often spread geographically, creating a nagging concern. As we raise our wonderful children, we want to propel them into success and opportunity and thus spend our time supplementing school and driving to a multitude of sports and club events.

In the meantime, we are becoming more aware of our physical and mental health within the business and the noise. We are aware of chronic disease risks; we want to prevent, detect, and treat any serious illness. We understand the importance of our vitality and seek energy to carry on our busy lives. We live longer and want to enjoy our future or current retirement to the fullest without looming or ominous concerns about our health. We also want to understand our emotional health and approach our anxieties in a wholesome manner that drives us forward, not stagnating us.

Concierge Medicine is the answer to the demand.  Petersen Concierge Medical offers curated bespoke wrap-around service for the discerning individual. Contact us today to meet with our physician to explore your future health goals.

Invest in your health for a brighter future.

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