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The Cardiometabolic Approach

The moniker of cardiometabolic health has become a prevalent and often-used expression. However, the definition of cardiometabolic health and how it is applied individually is as varied as those who speak it. What it means and what it encompasses can also be debated and discussed. 

In the basic sense, cardiometabolic health encompasses both the precursors and markers of cardiovascular health and disease. Cardiovascular health in itself not only addresses the health and function of the cardiac system but also every blood vessel within the body, thus affecting every organ and function, including but not limited to the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and brain.  

When we speak of cardiometabolic health, we really speak of health as a whole and what factors affect our well-being, vitality, and ability to face physical and mental setbacks. 

Cardiometabolic health has been addressed both from the central policy standpoint and individually. Unfortunately, mainstream recommendations still harper to the time of Ancel Keys and the diet-heart hypothesis, while a basic lipid function panel is still used as a central tool in yearly “wellness” exams.

Thankfully, longevity, nutrition, wellness, health optimization, and front-end prevention have now entered the conversation and are within the awareness and growing demand for a comprehensive, wrap-around primary care approach. 

To answer that demand, enter privatized healthcare driven by motivated physicians and clients who seek better and more comprehensive evaluation of cardiometabolic health and an approach that can span multiple and varied fields of medicine and offer true wellness care. Petersen Concierge Medical evolved to meet this demand and provides an unparalleled approach to cardiometabolic health and prevention.

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