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Petersen Medical introduces Camas IV Hydration

IV Therapy is a process of administration of hydration, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, peptides, herbs, and medications directly through the intravenous line. This allows your body to rapidly absorb and utilize all the nutrients administered not only rapidly but fully. 

The utility of intravenous therapy ranges from immunomodulation and stress relief to sleep regulation, athletic recovery, mood stability, and aesthetics. Intravenous therapy is a tool that can be used in wide-ranging situations. It has gained popularity as it is easily deliverable and can be very potent and rapid-acting. With a personalized mixture of vitamins and minerals, IV nutrition can serve not only in acute settings such as colds and flu but can be valuable in chronic disease modulation, long-range prevention, and health support in a targeted methodology. 

Petersen Concierge Medical is bringing this valuable tool to the practice via its relationship with Camas IV Hydration. As a tool that can be elevated to new heights with a skilled craftsman, Petersen Concierge Medical potentiates the use of IV therapy not only as immune support for flu season, muscle recovery, strength building, or headache relief but also pushes the barriers of prevention and cardiometabolic health through targeted use of IV delivered antioxidants and vitamins for endovascular health and stability. 

Petersen Concierge Medical is adding another valuable asset to its arsenal to serve its clients in a personalized and individualized approach focusing on prevention, wellness, and longevity. 

Explore membership with Petersen Concierge Medical for an unparalleled experience in wrap-around healthcare.

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