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Blood Pressure Monitoring Elevated

Can a one-time measurement at the doctor’s office be enough to diagnose Hypertension? What about a two-times-a-day measurement at home? What about when you sleep? How does your blood pressure fare when you are active? When you take a snooze on a couch? When you are sad or happy? Does it matter? How are your medications working out?

If these questions have ever entered your mind, you are not alone. Too often blood pressure diagnosis is often made with too few readings and interpretations, and medications are often adjusted with limited data points. Further, the variability of blood pressure, spikes in blood pressure, and nighttime blood pressure readings are most predictive of one’s heart disease risk. 

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring challenges can now be relieved with new and innovative technology. Several companies have emerged as leaders in blood pressure monitoring, both for 24-hour at-home monitoring, continuous remote monitoring, and continuous personal monitoring. These monitors are cuffless and can be worn easily. They conveniently and easily collect frequent data and provide many data points for analysis.

The great advantage of a simple monitor is that it is non-intrusive and easy to wear and use. The monitor provides the physician and the wearer with thousands of data points and a trend for much better accuracy in blood pressure management. A personalized and individualized approach would dictate the choice of the monitor and the timing. 

Petersen Concierge Medical uses a precise approach to ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and diagnosis, bridging individualized, focused, and personal healthcare with cutting-edge technology. 

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