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Cleerly, the power of AI to predict cardiovascular disease

Petersen Concierge Medical introduces Cleerly, an AI-enabled Coronary CTA analysis to predict heart disease before a heart attack occurs. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA, killing approximately 695,000 people every year. 1 in 5 deaths can be related to heart disease (New York State Department). Traditional and ever-present measurements can only gauge risk but do not clearly identify the precipitating atherosclerotic plaque that can directly cause heart attacks. 

Cleerly is a software that pairs and overlays a non-invasive coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) to detect the presence of disease. This software utilizes AI technology to identify the amount of plaque, quality, and location of the plaque and thus its risk to the bearer. The software is able to identify soft plaque which is implicated in plaque rupture, which can then cause heart attacks. 

This powerful tool is robust with clear imagery, analysis, and detail, giving full cognizance and information to the doctor and their clients. As part of the multiple tests, diagnostics, and approaches – Cleerly is another powerful, cutting-edge technology that Petersen Concierge Medical uses to detect, prevent, and treat the disease that impedes optimal lifestyle and wellness. 

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